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Our multi-talent Docu Performer will be divided into four independent products starting with the upcoming release 20.2. As all four still complement each other perfectly, they will continue to be housed together: In the Performer Suite.

The name of the new suite pays tribute to its origins: Docu Performer has matured over the past 12 years and today, in addition to its original core competence in documentation, possesses strong capabilities in the areas of analysis & maintenance, migration and translation. It has been split up so that you have a better overview of the various application areas and the numerous functions are more clearly structured. Of course, the individual use or any combination of all products is possible to support your BI with combined power.

The previous modules and add-ons will become independent products. Documentation and Commenting is handled by Docu Performer, as usual. System Scout combines Analysis and Data Lineage. With Migration Booster you can accelerate your BW/4 or BWonHANA migration projects. And with Tranlsation Steward you can translate your BW system. The umbrella brand that combines the 4 products is called Performer Suite. The previous SAP components for which the products have been available (BW, BO, HANA, BPC, ERP, SAC) will of course remain the same – but are now called connectors.

Just a little something, however we’re going to prepare everything for you: If you have signed a maintenance contract with us, you will receive the new release as usual as a download link via e-mail. The only change: This time you will also receive a new license file which we have adapted to the new product names. With the update to release 20.2. you will upload this new license. Old licenses will not compatible with the new release.

First of all, don’t worry: There are no additional costs for your existing license and no licensed functionalities will be lost! Your licenses will simply be adapted to the new names. Existing contracts will not be adapted – unless you wish to do so.

If you are also interested in free trial versions of products that you have not yet licensed, please feel free to request them here.

A few things change of course when one product becomes four. But we have kept the changes to a minimum:

  • The application icon on the desktop now shows the Performer Suite logo.
  • When the application is started, the new launcher opens, allowing separate access to the four products of the Performer Suite.
  • In the application itself, you will now find all the products you have licensed in the tabs at the top.

If you have any questions about the brand relaunch or your license, we look forward to your e-mail to or your call at +49 611 167 790-40!

If you would like to learn more about the new products that you are not yet familiar with, take a look at the new Performer Suite website! Just explore the menu at the top of this page.

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